Monday, December 12, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas everyone else but me! Anyone know where I can get some discounted [there's a recession out there and I need to be wise about how I spend my hard earned $$] Christmas Spirit?? Up until 3 days ago, we've had very mild weather, with temps sometimes hovering around the low to mid 60's!!! It's felt more like fall than winter.

I went to Walmart and the garden center smelled GLORIOUS, redolent of Christmas scents- you know, the pine-y, mint-y, cinnamon-y smell?? I took a couple deep breaths to take it all in and that brought a smile to my face and left me in the Christmas mood- but as soon as I left the store, the feeling quickly disappeared :-( I usually prepare myself for the Christmas holiday by indulging in a hearty Thanksgiving dinner but I didn't get to have thanksgiving this year. I spent the day in the airport and had a burrito bowl from Chipotle which served as my breakfast, lunch and dinner. Chipotle usually has good food, but the food at the Dulles Airport location was not as tasty, very very bland, but because I was hungry, I forced myself to eat it and I'm glad I did, because the dinner served on the plane was even worse.

Anyway, I've been thinking about pimping out my car to see if it will get me in the mood. I had this in mind:

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Only problem is, my car doesn’t really have a grill...actually it does, but it's very weird. Also, the emblem is sealed off from the back so there is no way of tying a wreath or bow to it L. Guess the makers didn't have wreaths in mind when they designed and built the car, ha ha. I think I’m going to try hooking the wreath from the inside of the hood…see how that works.

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If that doesn't work, I'll just drink some eggnog and eat some candy canes and fruitcake and

call it a day.