Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Street Lights Wow, where have I been this whole time? For anyone who doesn’t know who Jarle Bernhoft is, let me break it down to you really quick. Think the Norwegian version of Robin Thicke, or maybe better?...but that could be up for debate depending on who you ask. My goodness, this man has A LOT OF SOUL!!! I was completely in awe when I found out that not only is he a one man act! This guy oozes talent and I mean the real kind. I’m looking at you __________. I’m sure he is big in his native Norway, and probably Europe, but why is he practically unheard of in the US? Or maybe he is and I just missed the memo? Either way, I’m glad I was introduced to his music by my co-worker Jermaine and I’ve had his song on repeat the whole time. Quality music!!!

You can listen to him on his YouTube page located here:

Jarle Bernhoft, who happens to look like a high fashion model in this pic lol
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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Photo Dump

Wow- it's definitely been a while! Reason for my absence? Well, I hit the jackpot and have been living the high life ever since. I really don't have one. 

Anyway, I have a bunch of photos on my phone and I just wanted to share a few of enjoy!

Beautiful butterfly at the Museum of Natural History Butterfly Exhibit

Random car with a neat license plate in the middle of traffic

Discovered this cheap cotton candy ice cream...yum yum

Current pedicure design. I'm a sucker for nail art hehe

Dear Cricket Wireless...please get it together. Spray painting your name on this awning doesn't speak well of you.

More toe art.

GIGANTIC slice of pizza on U Street. I believe this is were all the college kids go to get a bite for cheap after their nights of parting and drinking

English breakfast. I miss the bacon the most.

Can't get enough water. Note: I also recycle

Parked cars in Paris. Why can't we park in any direction, regardless of traffic flow in the US of A? I'm drafting a letter to my senator NOW. 

Ikea! Love their food spread.

Approximately 3,837 miles from my desk [lol] to the Eiffel Tower

DC OJ for a DC work morning.