Thursday, July 28, 2011


I've accidentally bitten the same spot on my (inner) lip at least twice a day for the past three days! Now I have a fat lip. Gchat SAAAAAD FACE.... by the way, isn't that the world's saddest emoticon??

Also, no one is responding to any of my messages: emails, bbms, texts, gchat etc etc! WOE IS ME

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Eye contact

I've been wearing glasses "on and off" for about 14 years now thanks to astigmatism and myopia. I've had more off years than on which I guess explains how fast my eyes have deteriorated. I've turned a new leaf though; I have been a stickler for wearing my glasses religiously these past [gasp] THREE years! But I'm tired of them so I want the next best? alternative: Contact lenses. Lasik is NOT an option.

Anyway, I've always had reservations for contacts for 2 reasons: I saw what an infection from wearing contacts for 3 days without taking them out and cleaning them can look like and it was a quite traumatizing discovery. Secondly, I have an issue with sticking a foreign object in/on my eyes and plucking it out...that idea just doesn't jive well with me. But these days, I realize that this fear has been holding me back, because you really can't (be sexy) wear[ing] glasses say at a club, or a night out on the town, or at the beach, or playing sports etc etc etc, you catch my drift??

So I decided that I will get fitted for contacts! I have an annual exam coming up so I called my Drs. office to see what the process is for getting contacts:

Apparently you must take a 30-45 minute 'training class' if you have never worn contacts! And the kicker: if you are unable to put on and take out the contacts THREE times, you will not be allowed to take the contacts home with you. Essentially, you fail Contacts 101 :-|
Imagine explaining that to friends and family...

Who knew wearing contacts could be so intense!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

I saw it coming...

I should NOT have spent more than half of my day playing Fruit Ninja at work yesterday.

I am now SCRAMBLING to get work done as I have been hit with 2 more deadlines. I guess the laptop will be coming home with me tonight.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Certified Fruit Ninja -- Ka-Pow!

I've spent over half of my day playing Fruit Ninja on my Ipad K

Yeahhhh, it’s been one of “those days” at the office. I just can’t seem to bring myself to do any real work today. Happy Hump Day to me! Well, the good news is, with all the practice I've put in today, I will be able to beat T.O.’s best score. The bad news is, I have to scramble to meet my Friday deadline for the work I should have been doing today. But it isn't all bad really, because I work well under pressure...ish.

Is it 4:45pm Friday July 15th yet?? L

Heigh-ho, heigh-ho, off to practice my ninja fruit cutting skills I go! Making Sensei proud.