Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Pardon my absence

It's been close to 2 weeks since my last post.

Ok, so I started typing this post about 4 hours ago......

Back to my story...

It's been close to about 2 weeks since my last entry and A LOT has happened since then. This is just part of what went on while I was away.

I took a quick weekend trip to Miami for my friend L’s birthday and oh what a weekend it was. The 3 of us reunited again after our college days was pretty bleeping awesome. Yes it was, yes it was! It was like our Melrose Apartment days all over again! I miss those days :( Because this is a PG blog, I won’t go into the details of what happened in Miami, or at Melrose apartment 2514. Anyway, we stayed at this fantastic resort- if you are ever in the area and need somewhere to stay away from the insanity that is south beach, you know where to go.

So on the flight back to DC on Monday, I had the pleasure? of sitting next to this nice lady who announced to those of us sitting next to her that she was traveling with her grandmother. No biggie, or so I thought. I found it a little odd 15 minutes into the flight when grandma was no where to be found- so being the curious person that I am, I asked her why she wasn’t sitting next to her grandma… THIS LADY POINTS TO THE FLOOR AND SAYS GRANDMA DOESN’T NEED A SEAT BECAUSE SHES DEAD! Whaaaaaaaattttttt?? So she was flying the corpse back to VT I think so they could have the funeral. I also found out that grandma died at 10pm the night before. This lady made jokes the whole time about her dead grandma and later said its okay to make jokes about her dead grandma because she was old, and they knew it was coming. Grandma was 90. RIP grandma. THIS STORY WAS JUST BTW.

Arrived in DC at 7:58 and got home close to 11pm (I live 30 minutes away from the airport) because being the super smart young lady that I am… you know what? It doesn’t even matter what time I got home, the important thing is, I got home safe and got right back into the nitty gritty of work on Tuesday for the final prep for my event on Thursday and Friday. The event went well for the most part, minus the one MAJOR glitch, but overall, it went well. I patted myself on the back for a job *well* done.

I am very relieved that this event is over, but now it’s on to the next one, granted this next one doesn’t require as much work as the other. I plan on taking things slow this week as I am still EXHAUSTED from last week.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

On this episode of COPS

Yesterday, I inadvertently walked in on 2 cops apprehending a suspect with guns pulled out and everything. Too much DRAMA in DC.

Monday, April 12, 2010

I wonder who...

left a bag of Miss Vickie's Simply Sea Salt Original Recipe All Natural Kettle Cooked 38.9g on my desk?????

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Taxes, Pollen and some other random stuff

I owe taxes this year. I owe both the federal and state government. 13-inch MacBook Pro. Sigh. Why didn’t someone tell me I should be claiming 0 and not 1?? Arghhhhhhhh. I have immediately changed my status with HR. I will not be making the same mistake come next year. We’ll see who will be paying who next year- yes I’m talking about YOU federal and state government!

4000 grains/pores per cubic meter- that is how much pollen there is in the air right now. On a scale of 0 – 12, we are currently at 11.3 which means that people with allergy issues are pretty miserable right now. Everything is covered in pollen, EVERYTHING. Thankfully, we are projected to receive some heavy rain tonight which will bring some relief to all, including cars, especially mine. Between the combination of mud, salt, dust and now pollen, that zoom zoom is DIRTY. So dirty my cousins took pleasure in writing me ‘cute’ messages on my car when I stopped by their house to for a visit.

Anyway, things have settled down a bit this morning in the office from the last 2 days. I have only 2 things scheduled on my calendar…aaahhh bliss. Today is Thursday which means I will be seeing my kids today- all 10 of them. I can’t wait to hear what stories adventures Buddy will be telling me about today, should be fun.

Well I'm off to go complete one task on my calendar.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Where did yesterday go?

Yesterday, I got to the office at 9am. Had 2 separate meetings regarding 2 HUGE events that I'm coordinating. Got back to my desk, blinked 3 times and next thing I knew, it was 5pm and time to go home. Got 2 major things accomplished for both events while answering what seemed like 50,000 emails and phone calls that came through: got the final draft of the booklet DONE for my upcoming event on the 22nd, and received the finished brochure from the designer for the other event in August. Exciting.

Friday, April 2, 2010

My VERY first blog entry, yay!


Welcome to my blog. I have NO CLUE how this blog is going to turn out because I have never blogged before so I am just going to go with the flow and see what happens. Wish me luck!

PS- a big thanks to Mr. Antirythm for encouraging me to start this blog.