Tuesday, July 31, 2012

2012 Olympics

I was glued to my tv on Friday evening like the millions of other viewers across America to watch the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympics and the show was rather anticlimactic for me. I couldn't finish the whole show because I had an emergency and had to leave halfway through the show and I wasn't even bothered by it. Anyway....

Go team USA and team Ghana!

These are the athletes I'm rooting for this year:
1. Team Gabby Douglas: besides the fact that she bears an uncanny resemblance to one of my friends, who can resist her charm?? She's SO cute and I hope she wins gold in all her competitions.
2. Team USA Women's Gymnastics: I get the fact that everything needs to be technical and what not but let's face it, these are a bunch of high school sophomores and are nowhere close to women. They are such an adorable bunch and I want to adopt them all. I just saw the breaking news that they won team gold, yay. I had no doubt in my mind that they were going to crush the competition, which they did with ease. Congrats Fab Five!
3. Team Ryan Lochte: this is an old classmate of mine from high school. He won many swim meets for our school back in the day and it's great to see him do so well on the world stage. Go Ryan!
4. Team Missy Franklin: another cute teen sensation. She's so poise and she's determined to showcase her talents to the world by winning gold in the women's 200 free (um...free what? Lol. I guess freestyle).
5. Team Duke Micah: Ghana's representative in fly weight boxing who won his first match! Woo hoo. I hope he wins all subsequent matches and brings home the gold.

RIP John Evans Atta Mills.