Wednesday, September 19, 2012

It happened....again

Sigh... It seems I just can't do great things while behind the wheel anymore. Why won't the universe just let me be great? Why I ask?

Got a ticket in the mail.... $150

What the stupid camera didn't capture was me stopping to let some pedestrians cross (that lady and guy behind the van in picture 2. I remember clearly because I was checking out their store bags, you can see them if you maximize the image)...and also the fact that I was making a right turn on my way home from church!!!!!!!!

I will be in court (or wherever it is that people go) to contest and adjudicate this ticket. 

I just need find my power suit so I will look right for my day in court!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

It happened

I got in my first fender bender and I was at fault.

Good news is: I was surprisingly calm soon after it happened.

Better news is: the damage to both cars was very minimal; my license plate and the holder is a bit banged up...nothing too noticeable. The man's car had a punch hole in his rear bumper from one of the screws that hold my plate in place. My plates also left color indents on his bumper but that will come right off after a couple of washes.

Best news is: the man decided to let me go. God bless him for the kindness he showed me. I'm very very grateful for that.

Thank God for little big mercies.

It could have been much worse.....pic borrowed from