Thursday, May 16, 2013

April Showers Bring May Flowers

Well this year, the April showers were late, so May flowers just had to wait. Btw, the cherry blossoms were in peak bloom for exactly one day, after a late blooming season. They were completely washed out the next day by high wind and heavy rain.

This year's weather has been so bizarre! Winter, Spring, Summer, I can't even tell which season we're in anymore. It's been pretty much cold since fall, with few bouts of warm weather. I think sometime in March, we had a 92 degree day and the following day we went back to the 50's. Monday morning was the opposite, it was around 55 degrees and yesterday was 87 degrees. Today's weather called for plenty of sunshine and a nice breeze...but I just peeked outside the window and saw it was drizzling...WHAT?! It's rained every single day of the week two weeks ago and that was no fun for the work commute (seriously, what is worse than wet people on a bus or train during rush hour? There's always that one person car that smells like wet dog). I'm ready to pack up all my winter clothes and bring out the summer ones but I'm not sure I can right now, because you never know with this temperamental weather we're having.

I just hope tomorrow is nice, and stays nice, because I have plans for after work which I'm very much looking forward to.

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