Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Firsts (Part 2)

Today, I'm remembering the first time I drove a car.

Winter break, 10th grade.

My first time behind the wheel WAS.A.TOTAL.DISASTER! I was convinced I was going to lose control of the car and crash into something, or worse, kill someone.

Never mind the fact that:
1. I was practicing in a practically deserted parking lot of my neighborhood
2. I had to be driving at a top speed of 5 mph
3. There weren't any people walking around anywhere
4. I was driving to the neighborhood pool, which was about 300 feet away

I freaked out when I realized there was a car behind me and I started to panic and sweat profusely LOL. I laugh now but then, I was about ready to pass out. I had had enough and was ready to throw in the towel but my brother, who was giving me the lesson at the time would not let me quit. It took me forever and a day to drive those 300 feet!!!!!!  After that, I was DONE...

Until I had to go back to school in a few weeks to begin drivers ed. Luckily, the jitters were all gone by then.

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