Sunday, March 10, 2013


I finally finished watching seasons 1 and 2 of the BBC show Luther after hearing and reading many rave reviews and I must say the reviews were right on the money! It's an excellent show. Idris Elba nails his character perfectly and so does Ruth Wilson. Both DCI Luther and Alice are completely...well, CRAZY!

The show draws a parallel between my other favorite shows Law and Order SVU and CI. In fact, DCI Luther reminds me so much of Detective Goren on L& O: CI. Both are extremely brilliant and borderline weird at times but I absolutely love it. Two thumbs up. I only had 2 itty bitty problems with the show: only 4 episodes per season. Four!! I understand the whole idea of quality over quantity but come on!! Four episodes is just too little. Hope they add on a few more episodes in season 3, fingers crossed. The other issue I had with the show was the accent. I barely understood what the was being said on a few occasions (lol) but that was quickly remedied by the 10second play back button on Netflix. 

With all that said, I have to bring up an unrelated but related gripe I have and that is Law and Order: UK. WHAT is that? As I already mentioned, L&O: SVU, CI and the original (in that order) are my favorite all time TV shows. The story lines are so good so it baffles me as to how the same show, albeit a different location, but the same premise can suck so much? I want to like it however, L&O: UK is just...sigh.

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